We started Le Social in the middle of the first UK lockdown, delivering wines to our friends, and their friends, raising money for charity and quickly building a small yet growing community. This founded the bases of the first (Beta) version of what was to become Le Social Wine.

August the first was the official first day of trading from our new office /slash/ warehouse /slash/ shop /slash/ pop up bar: Container 88 at Pollard Yard. We have found a home there, surrounded by so many like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and makers. We have learnt a great deal as well: starting a wine venture in the middle of a global pandemic comes with its lot of challenges! But above all we have been incredibly humbled by the support and interest people have shown, either by buying and engaging online or by paying us a visit at the shop.

As we enter the third (!) lockdown, and reflect on our journey, we want to thank everyone who have been part of this project so far. We want to continue to grow, not just as a business or as individuals, but as an ever so diverse and passionate community.

We have sourced a whole new range of under-represented natural and organic wines, updated (upgraded?) the way we introduce these to you on our website, reflected on new ways to create an even better dialogue between us all, and we should be able to share some incredibly exciting news in the coming days and weeks for 2021. Welcome to Le Social 2.1

Le Social Is A Community Of Like-Minded Individuals Sharing A Passion For Tastier, Healthier And Greener Lifestyles.

We Are Natural Wine Collectors, Fine Food Gatherers, And Conscious Living Curators.

Hospitality, Empathy, Generosity And Sustainability Are The Four Main Bases Found In Our DNA.

We Are A Local Business With Global Aims - And We Can't Wait To Take You With Us.

But First, Wine?