Young producers Pauline and Francesco took over a semi-abandoned farmhouse back in 2016, restored the vineyards and apply Fukuoka farming methods. A holistic, self-suficient ecosystem in total harmony with natural cycles from which they produce wines of intense character and identity.  

This is an incredible Barbera from the Nizza Monferrato, in the Asti region, and it's stylistically a thousand miles away from the cheap low quality barbera wines that innundated the market a few years back. A real gem.  


Producer: Tenuta Foresto



Barbera 'Acrú' 2018 - Tenuta Foresto

  • Around 1.3 hectares 30yrs old vines, South exposed. Manual harvest, organic sustainable farming.

    The grapes are de-stemmed and placed in 30 hl truncated conical oak vats where they remain for about twenty days during which part of the spontaneous fermentation takes place in contact with the skins, without controlling the temperature. 3-4 manual punch downs a day are carried out as needed. After racking, aging takes place in 20 hl oak barrels and a small part in 700 l tonneaux, for about 12/13 months and then 3 months in bottles.

    No clarification no filtration no added sulfites.