The impressive Barahonda Winery has hectars and hectars of vineyards tended organically and sustainably. It is one of these modern wineries who understood early how sustainability could help them face the current economic and environmental challenges. By adopting conscious methods, from farming to logistics, they can deliver excellent, price beating wines with a low carbon impact, while supporting a large community of workers and businesses around them. 


Barahonda White is an everyday wine, a crowd pleasure, the type of no-fuss white you crack open after a stressful day a with a midweek take away. It's that comfortable and safe choice, the bottle you always go back to when you don't feel like exploring further afield or you do not want to spend a fortune. Great wine that over deliver, for the price of a couple lattes.  


Producer: Barahonda Winery

Importer: Morgenrot


Barahonda 'White' 2019

  • Organic grapes are harvested in the surrounding vineyards and directly pressed to retain all their freshness. Fermentation and settling in stainless steel. Stabilised and lightly filtered, modern winery with limited addition of SO2.  Vegan friendly.