Cedric is what we decided to call an 'apple-winemaker'. He applies winemaking techniques to organically grown local varieties of apple to produce gastronomic ciders - i.e. cider to slowly enjoy and pair with food.  


Located in Lannion,  along the estuary of the Leguer river by a small fishermen port, the cidrerie is all managed by hand. Most of the orchards are by the sea, farmed organically, which give the fruit very intense flavours and a distinct acidity.  6ha are hand harvested by Cedric.


The focus is parcel selections and the right blend of varieties, which include: 

Bitter: Marie Ménard, Jeanne Renard
Bitter-sweet : Fréquin Rouge, Belle fille de la Manche, Kermerrien, Frijelach’, Peau de Chien 

Sweet : Bedan, Dous Moën, Douce Coët Lignée
Sharp : Judor, Locart Vert, Rouget de Dol, Petit Jaune


All ciders are Brut or Extra Brut, i.e. as little residual sugar as possible. 


Producer: Cidrerie du Leguer



Breton Cider 'Granit' 33cl - Cidrerie du Leguer

  • Harvests of each orchard three times between October andDecember, with the apples left to further ripen before pressed 3 to 4 weeks later. Slow fermentation process, with the 1st fermentation in the cuvée for 5 months before bottling in spring, followed by a 2nd fermentation in the bottle for 3 months. No additions of any sulfites, spontaneous fermentation, no fining, only racking and filtering when required.