David Ritchie’s parents originally planted the property on the advice of Jim Irvine (the Merlot master) in the 60s. The cool climate of Mt. Buller was perfect for aromatic varieties. In 1982 they enlisted the help of the late Dr. Tony Jordan & Brian Croser. Brian’s contributions to the viticultural community have been well written but not so much of Tony. He helped establish Chandon, later pioneering grape growing & winemaking in China.

Converting the farming to biodynamics in 2005, their focus is still cool climate varieties & showcasing classic examples of wines from the Alpine Valleys. David is constantly trying to get them more ethical, whether that is through farming or moving the winery to operate carbon neutral. The Alpine Valleys are not very well represented, even though they are so cool, so are perfect for crunchy and fresher wines.


Producer: David Ritchie, Delatite

Delatite 'Pinot Grigio' 2018

  • Organic Agriculture. Wild ferment in stainless steel.Organic Mansfield vineyards, not theirown.12%, Stelvin.