"We focused our selections on the cooler parts of the upper Provence vineyards where the oak and olive tree forests protect the vines planted in the clay-limestone soils and, in some ways, seem to nourish them. The higher altitudes also allow a full maturity without excessive sugars (and therefore alcoholic degree in the finished wines). Blend is completed with grapes from the limestone foothills of Montagne Sainte Victoire, whose wines are almost marked by a vivacious and persistent minerality., Very fresh Cinsault planted a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea in La Londe des Maures are introduced to bring a subtle salty and anise expression.


Whilst our vine-growers take benefit from favorably climatic conditions and remarkable sunshine weather, they have been following for quite a long time the principle of an environmental friendly viticulture. This is how our region has become a pioneer in developing cautious agriculture and organic viticulture. The huge majority of the Domaines we work with are now producers of organically certified grapes. This is our personal choice but also a question of taste: vine growers working organically are also usually those who pay more attention to their vineyard.


To choose the best grapes and the best juices coming from the low yield oldest vines means that we are able to price our wine correctly, being on line with the efforts made by the vine grower to produce.Today we are known as the Maison de négoce who pays the highest prices for grappes. We are proud of this." - Francois Hecht & Gregory Bannier


H&B also support various projects supporting regional artists and or environmental causes. 


Vegan Friendly.


Producer: Hecht & Bannier

Importer: Morgenrot



H&B Provence

  • "Vines are harvested at night between 3.00am and 9.00am in order to avoid oxidation and to preserve all of the fresh characteristics of the terroir and varietal. Grenache and Syrah are macerated together so that their personalities and qualities intermingle and we find that the reductive character of Syrah balances beautifully with the oxidative natural character of Grenache. Concrete and stainless steel tanks" H&B