The modern-day Noelia Ricci story began at Tenuta Pandolfa in 2010. It was Guiseppe Ricci who renovated the property after its occupation by the Nazis during Wold War Two and his daughter Noelia continued the revival with new plantings and a winery in the 1980s. Now Guiseppe’s grandson, Marco Cirese, is picking up the threads of the story. The farm is at the foot of the Tuscan- Emilian Apennines, itself a small cru, at 200- 340 metres above sea level within the Predappio sub-zone, a historical area for Sangiovese. Marco is converting to organic practices and aims to stay true to the styles of wine made by his family for the past 150 years, or as he says, “classic style, contemporary approach”.


Producer: Noelia Ricci 

Text by: GRAFT



Il Sangiovese 2018

  • Sustainable farming. Manual harvests. The different clones are harvested and made the fermentation in blend. The fermentation is in stainless steel with controlled temperature. The maceration with the skins is 18 days and after the malo lactic fermentation. 6 months in stainless steel tanks and minimum 8 months in bottle.