Wein Goutte! is the project of two former cooking professionals who fell in love with wine - Emily Campeau and Christoph Müller. Emily is the Wine Director of Restaurant Candide in Montreal, since 2016 and up to this day. Christoph has studied Oenology and Viticulture in Neustadt, worked for Clemens Busch for a few years, before becoming Weninger team cellar master.

All the grapes for the Wein Goutte wines were grown by Weninger. While Emily and Christoph care deeply about the sense of place a wine can demonstrate, the decision was taken to declassify wines as Europäischer Wein. It was their first year making wine, with lots to learn and explore, so the approach to this vintage was very much with an experimental mindset.


Producer: Wein Goutte!

Karate Schlag

  • Biodynamically farmed grappes. A portion of destemmed mash, one of whole cluster and one of juice. Ageing for 11 months in used 500L barrels. Sulfur: 15mg at bottling