Janko and his wife Tamara Štekar are carrying on a tradition started in winemaking since 1672 in their family. Their wines are a perfect fit to our portfolio and what we look for when it comes to working with winemakers who care for their land, and who really allow the wines to communicate where they are from and the area they represent.

Kmetija Štekar is midway between the Pre-Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in Goriška Brda, a town called Kojsko. It’s the perfect position for their terraced vineyards on their steep slopes as they are well protected from the cold winds coming from the north. At the same the Burja wind from the East helps to keep the humidity at bay.
They work on 14.5 ha of farm land, which includes 7 ha under vine cultivation, and they believe in a holistic approach of trying to sustain themselves with as much as they can through produce their own farm provides.


Producer: Janko and Tamara Štekar

Kmetija Stekar 'Sivi' 2019

  • Organic farming, natural winemaking. 12 hours of skin contact maceration, then gently pressed. The wine ferments and ages in steel tanks until it gets bottled in May.