A funky low carbonation pet nat - think alcoholic Lilt! Fantastic wine for picnic in the sun or homecations! 


Samuel Cano, the fourth generation of farmer and winemaker in his family, works 35 hectares of vines in rural La Mancha that have been passed down from his grandfather. It may seem like Samuel is running a relatively large-scale production whereas in fact he only
uses 10% of grapes from the vineyard for his own production. The rest he sells on the cheap to the local organic co-op. For Samuel it’s much more about quality than quantity.


Producer: Samuel Canos, Vinos Patio


Pet Nat 'Micmac' 2019

  • Both varieties are harvested together. The whole bunches are pressed directly and the fermentation occurs in stainless steel deposit kept to a low temperature of 12 degrees over 4 months in order to keep the fermentation very slow and maintain all of its freshness of flavour.

    The wine is then bottled in January and the fermentation finishes in bottle, leaving it cloudy and with a very slight hint of spritz upon opening. No added SO2.