Traditionally Muscadet would be a weekend (hair of the dog) wine, found in every 'pop up' bars at food markets around the Western city of Nantes and often served in shot-sized glasses. Usually unexpensive and highly acidic, it helps the not-so-young-anymore part goer to make it safely back from a club nd straight to brunch with the In-Laws.  


A recent focus on terroir, single vineyards, and Burgundy-inspired techniques,  means Muscadet is now served at the best tables around the world, including at French Presidential dinners.


Complemen’terre's La Croix Moriceau is a fantastic emtry to terroir focus Muscadets, yet made in the most natural way possible.


Producer: Marion Pescheux and Manuel Landron



Muscadet La Croix Moriceau 2019

  • Manual harvesting of 40 year old vines. Direct pressing, light settling. 7 months of fermentation on lees. Malolactic transformation. Aged in tanks. Light filtration. Natural.