100% Neuburger, a variety that is most revered by Moravian winemakers. This is a natural crossing of Roter Veltliner x Sylvaner,  possibly first encountered in Austria where it used to be widely planted.


Similarly to Trebbiano or Pinot Gris, it can produce  anything from very neutral wines to absolutely fantastic age worthy bottles when put in the right hands. And Petr Korab's hands are rather magical. This is medium bodied yet with an amazing freshness. It is textured, full of character, and incredibly delicious and versatile with a range of cuisines.


Producer: Petr Koráb



Petr Koráb 'Neuburger' 2019

  • Organic, Biodynamic, Unfined, Unfiltered, Use of So2 only at bottling.Settled in robinia tree barrels