Working on 3-ha of land, with 40-60 years vines, Annamaria produces skinsy wines based on Kiralyleanka, Harslevelu, Furmint and Riesling.  With very few plantings of the ancient Kiralyleanka and given it isn’t as fashionable as some other grapes, many growers are discontinuing, but Annamaria was determined to continue working with it when she found them in the vineyards.  


This is a superb orange that taste and look equally good.


Producer: Reka Koncz



Reka Koncz 'Eastern Accents' 2019

  • Hand harvested grapes. 5 days skin macerated Hárslevelű and hand - destemmed, 2 weeks semi-carbonic macerated Királyleányka. No wood, no filtration or fining. Low SO2 at bottling.