"It took us some time to find Lorenzo Mazzucconi. We had been previously lamenting how hard it would be to find an awesome Nebbiolo producer (with drama & decadence only a madman would not love Nebbiolo). We came across an article about Lorenzo and thought we’d send him a message. We found someone who was intensely passionate. Not just about wine but his farm animals and his bees. Valtellina is known for its honey and by god the honey is fantastic.

He is an organic producer who is based in Ponte. His winemaking is all about fruit expressions: Concrete and neutral vessels. The fruit he works with come from mass selection biotypes of Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo). He basically uses the best ingredients while cooking with simple kit. When we tried them, they had all the bright perfume, gorgeousness, verve and amore you need in
your life. If you like a light style of Nebbiolo they might be just the best wines you’ve had in a while."
- Gus


Producer: Pizzo Coca

Text by: GB Wine Shippers


Nebbiolo di Valtellina 2019 - Pizzo Coca

  • Organic practices. Own vineyards, fermented in concrete for 45 days and then in older barrel. 80 year old vines.