Sete is an agricultural, social and cultural project of two young
friends Arcangelo Galuppi and Emiliano Giorgi. Since the inception
of the project in 2013, Arcangelo and Emiliano have recovered a
number of old, abandoned vineyards in the Amaseno Valley of Southern Lazio. Thanks to years of neglect, the vineyards are brimming with biodiversity and they now have a mosaic of rare and indigenous varieties to the likes of Ottonese, Cesanese, and Malvasia Puntinata.

Arcangelo and Emiliano share just as purist a philosophy in the cellar
also, using only indigenous yeasts to initiate fermentation and adding no sulphites at any stage. Fruit from each of their reclaimed parcels is vinified separately in order to highlight the distinctive microterroirs throughout their region.

Producer: SETE Wines, Arcangelo Galuppi and Emiliano Giorgi

SETE Safara

  • Organic farming, spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeasts, without the use of additives or enological adjuvants and without added sulphites, at any stage.  Two days of contact with the skins, pressing with a hydraulic press. Aging in steel tanks for eight months.