Modry Portugal (Blauer Portugieser) grapes are another example of a variety than can produce the dullest reds if handled for quantity over quality. DNA research proved it had nothing to do with Portugal, despite the popular belief. Origin seems to be in Austria, although Germany produced volumes of it in the 70's.


Thankfully the Magula's family produces a most exciting version of it. The wine is made in a similar fashion to the Beaujolais style, with full on carbonic maceration. The result is bursting with fruit, and it really comes to life when served chilled.


Producer: Vino Magula



Vino Magula 'Carbonic' 2019

  • Certified organic, biodynamic, minimum intervention, no added SO2. 100%  of the grapes went through carbonique maceration. Two weeks later, the grapes were pressed and fermentation with wild yeast started.